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Meet the Heisenberg of the WAN market

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is shaking the WAN market. Enterprises are getting addicted to this new product all over the world and here is why:


SD-WAN encrypts all the traffic end to end via an overlay tunnel without any need for IPSEC tunnels.

High Performing Apps

SD-WAN offers dynamic routing of the traffic with minimal packet loss so your apps perform better

Connection Type Agnostic

SD-WAN forms a single virtual pipe that you could fill in with any connection type: MPLS, internet, LTE, etc

Offload MPLS Traffic

With SD-WAN you can offload MPLS traffic and use local internet breakout to access cloud resources

Plug and Play

You can activate an SD-WAN edge device in minutes without any need for a technician on site

Central Management

With SD-WAN you can manage your entire network from a single dashboard; your policies are synchronized on all edge devices instantly

Source: Gartner

Forrester: The Future of WAN is Software-Defined

Software-defined WAN solutions are highly appealing for their efficiency, flexibility, and security benefits. Our survey showed that although still emerging, software-defined WAN solutions are integral in shaping the future of WAN management.

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